Emerging Leaders – An Intensive Online Program for EEC Certification Advancement

Emerging Leaders


An Online, Collaborative Leadership Program for Early Childhood Educators

Are you currently EEC ‘Teacher’ or ‘Lead Teacher’ Qualified?

Have you been working with young children for at least 2 years?

Do you want to move up the Early Childhood career ladder?

Perhaps you have a degree in an ‘unrelated field’?

Are you self-motivated and proficient on the computer?

If you are currently ‘Teacher’ qualified, would you like to become ‘Lead Teacher’ qualified this year?

If you are currently ‘Lead Teacher’ qualified, would you like to become ‘Director 2′ qualified?

We’re looking for YOU!​


Middlesex Community College

Northern Essex Community College

North Shore Community College


Emerging Leaders in ECE Description

Applications deadline: August 15th, 2018

 An online, collaborative leadership program for early childhood educators through the Region 3 Educator and Provider Support grant.

Purpose: To create two cohorts of early childhood professionals certified at either the EEC teacher level or EEC Lead Teacher level who wish to proceed through the courses required to obtain EEC certification for Lead Teacher (Infant/Toddler and Preschool) OR Director 1 and Director 2. Students will need to obtain the required work hours through their program of employment.

This intensive, fully online program aims to work with professionals who are interested in being leaders in the field of ECE.  Each course will include an assignment which supports a specific EEC Core Competency; students will be able to collect their assignments throughout this program and create a portfolio which demonstrates knowledge of all 8 Core Competency areas.

Audience: MA educators who are EEC Teacher qualified and wish to become Lead Teacher qualified OR those who are Lead Teacher qualified and wish to become Director 2 qualified – AND have 2 or more years of early childhood experience who are currently employed in the field.

Pre-Requisites: EEC Level 1 Certification: Infant-Toddler or Preschool Teacher, College Level Reading and Writing Skills

Technical Requirements: Applicants should have daily access to a computer with a reliable, broadband internet connection. Applicants should have basic computer knowledge as well.

Required Training: A one week facilitated online training course which assesses online readiness and teaches online preparedness. Students must receive a score of 80% of better to join the cohort.

Cost: This program is being funded by the Region 3 Partnership through the Educator and Provider Support Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. Students will not be charged tuition and fees for these courses, but will be responsible for the cost of textbooks required for their courses. In addition, students will be charged a $50 administrative fee for the online training course, payable to Northern Essex Community College upon acceptance. This fee must be paid prior to the start of the online training course in August.

Courses Offered: Each course will run 100% online for approximately 7 weeks. The courses may not fit into the ECE degree program at each of the participating colleges, but participants can work with their respective advisors to determine which course will count for an ECE or other degree at their “primary” college.

Application: This competitive administration program requires both an application form and a recommendation form

Deadline: August 15th, 2018

All students accepted into this program will be expected to complete all courses as part of the cohort and will need to sign a memorandum of understanding (agreement) before being officially accepted.

Emerging Leaders Course Offerings for the Teacher to Lead Teacher track:

  • Learning Environments for Infants and Toddlers
  • Guiding Children’s Behavior
  • Math and Science for Early Childhood Curriculum

Emerging Leaders Course Offerings for the Lead Teacher to Director 2 track:

  • Administration in Childhood Programs
  • Supporting the Young Child’s Physical and Mental Health
  • Children with Special Needs

For more information or for questions, please contact:

Gail Feigenbaum, gfeigenbaum@necc.mass.edu,  Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA

Kathy Gallo, kgallo@northshore.edu, North Shore Community College, Lynn, MA

Maureen Goulet, gouletm@middlesex.edu, Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA

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