Assessment and QRIS Measurement Tools Training

 Assessment and QRIS Measurement Tools Training

Using the Early Environment Rating Scale (ECERS/ITERS) and the Arnett Caregiver Interaction Scale for Program Assessment and Improvement

In this training, participants will learn about the content and use of the ECERS/ITERS, practice scoring, review results, and describe strategies for program improvement. The ECERS/ITERS is a valid and reliable tool for program evaluation. Programs can use this scale for self-assessment and to determine areas for improvement.

The Arnett caregiver Interaction Scale is designed to measure the emotional tone, disciplinary style, and the responsiveness of the educator. During this training, participants will review the organization and content of the Interaction Scale, practice using the tool as a self-assessment measure, and utilize the results to identify areas for improvement. Use of these tools in this manner serves to help educators plan programs that improve the environment and increase positive interactions with children.

The specific measurement tool for this training will be provided to all educators who successfully complete the training. At registration you will have the option to select the ECERS or ITERS book that you will receive at the training.

When: September 30, 2017, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (1 hour lunch)

Where: Hilltop School, 767 Broadway, Haverhill MA

Cost: $15 per person


For additional information on QRIS and Assessment training contact:

Marilyn Favreau

Assessment Training Coordinator R3P

Are you interested in Assessment and QRIS Training? Please contact:

Marilyn Favreau
Assessment Training Coordinator
R3P Region 3


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