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The Region 3 Educator and Provider Support (EPS) grant, also known as the R3P, includes seven regional colleges as collaborating partners that have received funding through this grant to offer college courses, advising and support to eligible participants for free or at a significantly reduced cost. Each college provides different courses and services, so it is important to know which program and location best meets your needs and goals.

Mass Bay Community College

Mass Bay’s Early Childhood Education programs prepare teachers with a foundation of knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to promote inclusive, developmentally appropriate environments and curricula in classrooms serving children from infancy to age 8. Field experiences in quality early education settings offer students opportunities to practice and to learn from excellent role models. Coursework provides both a current and historical context for early childhood programs and teaching with developmentally appropriate practices at its core. Associate’s degree programs provide a balance of courses in Education and the liberal arts to prepare students for immediate employment in the field or transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. Certificate programs provide fast-track options for preschool or infant/toddler Teacher or Lead Teacher qualifications. The college also offers an Elementary Education transfer program.

The R3P supports two cohort courses located in Newton for eligible educators, pending approved funding.

Mass Bay Community College

Contact:  Nancy Railsback  (508) 270-4291


Title: Days/ Campus: Semester:
ED227- Supervision in Early Childhood Programs.This course will provide an overview of strategies for effective staff supervision in early childhood settings. A theoretical framework will be presented focusing on the role and responsibilities of supervisors and mentors. Students will reflect on their personal experiences with supervision and develop coaching and mentoring skills through practice both in-class and onsite. EEC Lead Teacher certification is suggested. Course will count towards EEC Lead Teacher, Director I or Director II. Thursday nights – Newton Fall, 2017
ED203 – Early Childhood Curriculum.This course develops skills for creating appropriate learning environments for young children. Students plan and prepare activities in specialized curriculum areas including science, social studies, math, health and nutrition, and language arts for individual children and groups. Additional curriculum planning topics include identifying and planning for individual needs and interests, assessment, providing for a range of abilities, incorporating multicultural and nonsexist elements, incorporating play in learning, and the role of family communication. Lecture: 3 hours per week. This course counts toward EEC Lead Teacher certification.  Prerequisite: Child Development Thursday nights – Newton Spring, 2018

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Middlesex Community College

The Early Childhood Education program offers Associate in Science degree program provides the educational background and supervised training for students interested in working with young children. It emphasizes developmentally appropriate practice and has a child-centered focus. Students learn and apply theory with hands-on experience in a required practicum. Middlesex Community College also offers an Early Childhood Education Associate in Science Transfer degree program and is designed to prepare a student to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program leading to teacher licensure. Supervised Student Teaching Seminar Practicum and/or Service-Learning placements in area schools provide practical experiences for future teachers, and support and enhance the teacher-preparation curriculum. This program qualifies for MassTransfer, which guarantees credit transfer to Massachusetts state colleges and the University of Massachusetts.

Middlesex Community College

Contact:  Maureen Goulet  978-328-2375

591 Springs Road, Bedford MA 01730


Title: Days/ Campus: Semester:
EDU 251 Supervised Field Placement and Seminar Saturdays Bedford Fall 2017
EDU 103 Infant Toddler Program Planning Lowell Mondays Fall 2017
PSY 122 Child Growth and Development Bedford Thursdays Fall 2017
ENG 101 English Comp I- Contextualized for EDU Lowell Saturdays Spring 2018
EDU 110 Trauma in the Lives of Children Bedford Wednesdays Spring 2018
PSY 123 Developmental Disabilities Saturdays Lowell Summer 2018
ONLINE COHORT EDU 102 Guiding Children’s Behavior (Online) Restricted to Emerging Leaders
ONLINE COHORT EDU 252 Administration in Early Childhood Programs (Online) Restricted to Emerging Leaders

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Northern Essex Community College

Northern Essex Community College is committed to students attaining an Associate Degree in the field of Early Childhood Education and then furthering their studies at a four year institution. All programs are shaped to provide students the opportunity to transfer to a four year college. Students will be offered a full complement of ECE courses each semester. Northern Essex has established a seamless transition plan for students so that individual students have access to courses that meet their career goals and busy personal schedules.

Northern Essex Community College

Contact: Gail Feigenbaum (978) 556-3831

Northern Essex Community College 45 Franklin Street, Lawrence MA 01841


Title: Days/ Campus: Semester:
ECE 202: Expressive Learning Lawrence Fall, 2017
ECE 211: Child Care Administration Online Fall, 2017
ECE 202: Expressive Learning Hybrid (online and in class) January, 2018
ECE 104: Child Growth and Development Hybrid (online and in class) Late spring, 2018
ECE 113: Learning Environments for Infants and Toddlers Online – Restricted to Emerging Leaders Fall, 2017
ECE 203: Math/Science for EC Curriculum Online -Restricted to Emerging Leaders From May 14, 2018 – June 22, 2018.

For more information, contact Gail Feigenbaum

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North Shore Community College

North Shore Community College has a long history working with the early childhood and out of school time workforce and takes pride in having several certificate and credential programs that fit into the early childhood education degree program at NSCC. These include an Infant Toddler Certificate and the CDA Credential. We support family child care providers, center based and school age staff and non-native speakers of English in unique programs that lead to an associate’s degree in early childhood education.  The R3P supports eligible educators to take college courses that will lead to increased EEC certification, a certificate or an Associate’s degree.

North Shore Community College

Contact:   Kathy Gallo  (781) 593-6722 X6249

North Shore Community College 300 Broad Street, Lynn, 01901 Office: Room E-217


Title: Days/ Campus: Semester:
ECE101 – Child Growth and Development Online Summer – full.
ECE206 – Supervision and Administration of ECE Programs Online Fall, 2017
ECE104 – Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers Lynn – Monday nights Fall, 2017
ECE110 – Foundations of Early Childhood Education Danvers – Tuesday nights Fall, 2017
ECE124 – Intro to CDA and Professional Portfolio (6 credits) Hybrid -online and in Lynn on  Tuesday nights Fall, 2017
ECE102 – Planning Programs for the Young Child(must meet prerequisite of ECE202) Lynn – Thursday nights Fall, 2017
Anticipated classes for January – June, 2018:    
ECE101 – Child Growth and Development Online Spring, 2018
ECE101 – Child Growth and Development In person – Lynn – 1 night/week TBD Spring, 2018
ECE201- Supporting the Young Child’s Physical and Mental Health Online (Restricted to Emerging Leaders) Spring, 2018
ECE204 – Children with Special Needs Online (Restricted to Emerging Leaders) Spring, 2018
ECE116 – Prosocial Guidance for the Young Child In person – 2 nights/week for 6 weeks – TBD Late Spring, 2018

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Merrimack College

Merrimack College is a selective, independent college in the Catholic, Augustinian tradition whose mission is to enlighten minds, engage hearts and empower lives. The College offers undergraduate degrees in the liberal arts, business, science and engineering, and education programs; it also offers master’s programs in education and a range of certificate, licensure and degree completion programs. The school of education offers degree and licensure programs in early childhood education, elementary education, moderate disabilities, and a range of middle and secondary school licenses.

The R3P supports eligible educators who are officially matriculated at Merrimack College in the Bachelor’s Completion program, and have also applied for the EEC Early Educator’s Scholarship, pending approved funding.

Merrimack College

Contact:  Patricia Howson, Ph.D.  (978) 837-5521

Erika Rinaldi  (978) 837-5484

Merrimack College 315 Turnpike Street, (Route 114) North Andover, MA


To apply for course(s) at Merrimack College, contact Patricia Howson or Erika Rinaldi.


IMPORTANT – All educators who would like to request support from the R3P at Merrimack College must complete this form, even if you have completed the form in the past:  Click Here

Gordon College

Gordon College is one of the nation’s premier Christian colleges, located north of Boston in Wenham, MA.  The Early Childhood Master’s degree program leading to licensure as a teacher of students with and without disabilities PreK-2 prepares professionals to develop and implement curricula that address an extremely critical time during which formative learning, skill building, and social growth take place.  The Early Childhood program is offered for those who already hold an initial license or those seeking initial licensure.

The R3P supports eligible educators who are officially matriculated at Gordon College as part of an R3P funded cohort working towards a Master’s degree,  pending approved funding. You must have a Bachelor’s degree in order to apply for R3P courses at Gordon College.

Preference for courses at Gordon College is given to those who are officially ‘matriculated’ and are in good academic and financial standing.

Gordon College

Contact:  Janet Arndt  978-867-4814

Gordon College 255 Grapevine Road Wenham  MA  01984


Title: Days/ Campus: Semester:
EDU 521 Math in the Interactive Classroom   – Acquaints classroom teachers with development of mathematical concepts in curriculum through use of manipulatives. The NCTM Curriculum Standards and Massachusetts Math Curriculum Framework assume manipulatives are an integral part of instruction in classroom, where learning of mathematics is an active process. Variety of manipulatives utilized. Thursday nights – Wenham Fall, 2017 – start 9/21/17
EDU 580 Methods and Practice in Early Childhood   – Emphasizes teaching methods appropriate for preschool through grade 2 and early childhood curriculum. Interdisciplinary teaching unit developed to meet needs of students with and without disabilities in early childhood classroom.
Significant documented field experience.
Tuesday nights –Wenham Spring, 2018 – start 1/2/18
EDU 520 Teaching Strategies- Instruction in parameters of teaching, including classroom management, instruction, motivation and curriculum. Students learn and demonstrate understanding of strategies in classroom. Major emphasis to plan thematic unit or other appropriate unit of study incorporating objectives, lessons and evaluation. Students consider needs of all students, taking into account such factors as multiple intelligence theory, learning style and exceptionality.Requires field experience in classroom setting, arranged according to guidelines set for individual students by graduate program Tuesday nights –Wenham Spring, 2018 – start 4/3/18

Gordon College is offering courses toward a Master’s degree for R3P students.  You must have a Bachelor’s degree to apply.  Preference goes to those who are already matriculated at Gordon College.

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Salem State University

Salem State University (SSU) offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in early childhood education, elementary education, and middle and high school education. Salem State University’s educator licensure programs are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) and are nationally recognized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) through the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Our curriculum incorporates the competencies outlined by the Department of Early Education & Care (EEC). SSU provides early childhood leaders and program directors, early childhood teachers and assistants and day care providers with graduate courses, undergraduate courses and professional development workshops in priority competency areas, awarding college credit, continuing education credit (CEUs), or professional development points (PDPs). Graduate courses develop leadership skills and sustain professional communities.

SSU offers two early childhood programs. The Early Education and Care program is a transfer-friendly option that allows students seeking a career in early childhood outside of the public school system to earn their bachelor’s degree. The joint bachelor’s and master’s program in Early Childhood Education is a program for those who are looking towards a career teaching preschool, kindergarten, first or second grade in the public schools. It is a competitive dual degree program with internal admissions requirements beyond admission to the University. SSU collaborates closely with community college partners to smooth the transition from 2-year to 4-year degree programs and advanced degrees. Finally, SSU will offer workshop series for early childhood leaders and teachers in literacy development, math, family engagement and hands-on science.

The R3P supports eligible educators who are officially matriculated at Salem State University by offering cohort courses for those working towards a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree.

Salem State University


Graduate: Christina Cassano  (978) 766-7344

Undergraduate: Johannah Morgen  (978) 542-2854

Salem State University  352 Lafayette Street, Salem MA  01970


Title: Days/ Campus: Semester:
EEC307/EEC807 – Leadership and Supervision in Early Education and Care Hybrid (online and in class on alternating Thursday nights) Fall, 2017
ENL334/EDU767 – Literature for Children Hybrid (online and in class on alternating Thursday nights) Fall, 2017
EEC207/EEC808 – Supporting Dual Language Learners and Their Families in Early Childhood Hybrid (online and in class on alternating Thursday nights) January, 2018
EEC410/EEC809 – Policy, Perspectives and Advocacy in ECE / Capstone Hybrid (online and in class on alternating Thursday nights) January, 2018

Courses at Salem State University are combined undergraduate/graduate courses for students seeking either a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree.

Preference for courses at Salem State University is given to those who are officially ‘matriculated’ and are in good academic and financial standing at SSU.


To apply for one or more courses at Salem State University, click here



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